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Honey Computing Services
Honey Computing Services is a group of expert android and web developers. we have lots of law related data with us with hundread's of advocates are using our services happily. Few of our apps includes Advocates Diary, Supreme Court Judgements, High Court judgments, medical drugs and dictionary, United state laws handbook etc.
Mobile to Website Data Backup and Syncing
Our apps are always synced with the server data. advocate's diary data is always backed up on server whereas it is an offline app. but in the background, it communications with server, sends and get the response so that it will update your mobile device content and it will keep it updated always for your use. you can get your data back even if your handset is stolen or damaged. your data is confidential and nobody other than the owner can see the data on the website. Data is synced between mobile device, tabs, website etc. Lawyers and their clients can get hearing schedule emails as a reminder on their email ID and stay updated always.
Are you using multiple devices ?
You are using more than one Android devices? don't worry, data will be same on all the devices, you dont have to do anything. it will be updated and synced with the server. In fact you can use multiple devices and website version also, data will be same everywhere for your use. Make use of high-tech techniques to serve your clients by paying very less fees.