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Honey Computing Services is a group of expert android and web developers. we have lots of law related data with us with hundread's of advocates are using our services happily. Few of our apps includes Advocates Diary, Supreme Court Judgements, High Court judgments, medical drugs and dictionary, United state laws handbook etc.

Most of our products are related to lawyers. our goal is to satisfy customers by giving world class services in affordable prices.
Our mission is to replace the physical diaries with the high-tech method of using the mobile device and aware the people.
Few of our products are available on mobile device as well as website version and we are in a plan to launch the others apps also on web version for lawyers ease of use.

Presently our development center is in Pune. Regarding the market leading - within very less span of time, our trial mobile Apps hits the market with more than 7000+ leads.

We are in the website field for more than 7 years from now, our first website is which is best legal knowledge sharing site. more than 250+ advocates are registered with high expertise and are ready to answer user's queries very efficiently and straight to the point.

Any user can ask legal question free of cost.